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images/hustoryheader.gif Hollandia Bakeries presently, is a large thriving cookie manufacturer. Hollandia has a history of hard work, family loyalty and strong Dutch traditions in great taste and high quality products.

In 1952, Willem Bruinink with his son-in-law Joop De Voest Sr. opened a small retail bakery in Chatham, Ontario. The bakery, specializing in Dutch style cookies, pies and buns, was well received by the community. In 1954, this bakery in Chatham was sold. Willemıs son Henry relocated to Mt. Brydges, Ontario and assumed ownership of another retail bakery. This bakery was renamed Hollandia Bakery. After continued growth, another property was purchased and renovated into a larger facility. With the involvement of Willem Brunink and Joop De Voest Sr. the business became a limited company in 1960. A number of family members held key management positions. It was evident to all involved that good service coupled with a great product allowed this small family bakery to grow into a viable corporate success.

Bakery Installs Gas Oven Seven Box Cars Long
                                                                    September 1961

In 1970, this success could have been destroyed with the building and equipment when a vicious fire engulfed the factory. Instead of focusing on their loss, the family focused on what they had to offer ­ namely a tradition of great taste. The family had a strong belief in their product and the ability to overcome hardship. Reconstruction of a new plant began immediately. Barely one year later, a new modern bakery was up and running and the growth of Hollandia Bakeries continued.

Over the years, Joop de Voest Sr.and now with his son Joop Jr., who is fourth generation in baking, watched in appreciation as the business increased and more employees were hired. The building grew in size, new cookies formulated, distribution expanded into new markets. Hollandia Bakeries Limited grew from a tiny corner store bakery into a thriving large-scale state-of-the-art production facility.

Hollandia delivery truck - 1968

Dedication ceramony 1961

Group shot mid 60's

Loading the cookie press

Cookies in production

Group shot in the factory