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In the quiet town of Mount Brydges, Ontario, Hollandia Bakeries Limited has grown from a tiny corner bakery into a thriving large-scale production plant. Covering 35,000 square feet of space, the current plant houses two-band ovens, capable of producing 3500 pounds of cookies each hour and up to one and half million cookies each day.

It is not just the premises and equipment that has changed, the staff has grown in numbers and become more specialized. Currently Hollandia employs 60 trained individuals that work as a team to ensure the dough is mixed according to the formulations; cookies are baked, checked, packed and shipped with care. Specialized staff ensures that Hollandia's high quality and tradition of great taste is maintained. Quality control personnel guarantee that Hollandia's exclusive recipes are mixed accurately while master bakers bake the cookies to golden perfection.

The staff's dedication and appreciation of their vocation, has helped Hollandia Bakeries Limited evolve from traditional baking styles found in the Netherlands to the highly specialized home-style cookies baked in Canada today. Initially offering only Dutch style cookies, Hollandia Bakeries now produce over sixty different varieties of cookies. Cookies are packed under the Hollandia label, Karleen's label, and custom-packed under numerous Private label brands. These developments have given the company international appeal and lead to distribution across Canada, United States and the Caribbean.

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